My Blog Name


During this tail end of Blaugust, Rowan Blaze has kindly thrown all of us weary bloggers a bone. Rowan wrote an interesting post about his choice of blog name, and how he feels about that name some years down the road. He then throws this out to the community:

“So my second challenge for you, Dear Reader, in these few days of Blaugust: Why did you title your blog what you did? Do you think the name still fits?”

Well, truth be told, I can’t say that I put a tremendous amount of thought into the title ‘Gaming Conjecture’. I think this is evident by the fact that I later realised that ‘Gaming Conjecture’ is about 60% the same as Braxwolf’s ‘Gaming Conversations’. It’s possible that as he suggested, perhaps he had some positive subliminal influence on me. I’m inclined to think that we just followed a similar process for creating a name. That’s to say, we both wanted to make it clear the blog was about gaming, and then needed something that sounded good to go with that.

I’m very lazy at times though, so my thought process went something like this: “Hmm, need a blog name. Something about games. Something about talking about games or thinking about games. Ah that’ll do.” I’m not totally wild about the name, and perhaps wish I’d come up with something a bit more interesting or pithy, but ultimately I don’t think the name is that important. Unless it’s called something so obnoxious or corny or bland that peoples eyes just pass over it, I’m sure it’s the content that people are coming for not the name.

I feel that the name is generic enough that it fits pretty much anything about gaming, and I can live with it. But of course, I haven’t been at this very long. So who knows, maybe I’ll absolutely hate this name one day. Thanks to Rowan for the challenge. Yum yum, free blog posts!


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