Blaugust Roundup and Podcast News

Well we finally got there. Blaugust is now officially over. It’s been a really interesting experience for me, and as a brand new blogger, something of a baptism of fire. I’ve reflected previously on how Blaugust perhaps forced me to confront some realities quicker than I otherwise might have done. For example, I wrote an article about free to play just the other day. Before I got started with this, I’d planned to write a lot more of that kind of post. However I quickly realised, that you simply can’t do that everyday. You need smaller posts to keep you going, not big state of the industry type posts

Formalising the process for writing has been really helpful for me too. Setting aside a regular period of time, putting in place a set pattern for how I go about writing an article, posting the links etc., has been greatly helped by regular posting too. Another thing that I’ve loved about Blaugust is that I’ve met a lot of new people. People who have been kind enough to come to the site and post comments, and chat with me on Twitter, not to mention that I’ve discovered so many awesome blogs. This has been the most positive aspect of the whole event from my point of view.

Once again I can only express my gratitude to Belghast for coming up with the event. It’s been very informative, and I’ve had a great time, even if it has been tough going on some daw. I realise I’m actually posting my Aug 31st article on Sep 1st but I was delayed last night, and had to give it up. I hope that’s ok!

Contains Moderate Peril Podcast

Unfortunately one of Contains Moderate Peril’s podcast hosts, Brian, is taking some time off with some health problems. Roger needed someone else to help out with the show in the meantime, and was kind enough to think of me. I’ve been on the show a few times before, and always have a great time so I was very happy to help out. The latest episode should be out today or in the next couple of days so check it out!

My Blog Name


During this tail end of Blaugust, Rowan Blaze has kindly thrown all of us weary bloggers a bone. Rowan wrote an interesting post about his choice of blog name, and how he feels about that name some years down the road. He then throws this out to the community:

“So my second challenge for you, Dear Reader, in these few days of Blaugust: Why did you title your blog what you did? Do you think the name still fits?”

Well, truth be told, I can’t say that I put a tremendous amount of thought into the title ‘Gaming Conjecture’. I think this is evident by the fact that I later realised that ‘Gaming Conjecture’ is about 60% the same as Braxwolf’s ‘Gaming Conversations’. It’s possible that as he suggested, perhaps he had some positive subliminal influence on me. I’m inclined to think that we just followed a similar process for creating a name. That’s to say, we both wanted to make it clear the blog was about gaming, and then needed something that sounded good to go with that.

I’m very lazy at times though, so my thought process went something like this: “Hmm, need a blog name. Something about games. Something about talking about games or thinking about games. Ah that’ll do.” I’m not totally wild about the name, and perhaps wish I’d come up with something a bit more interesting or pithy, but ultimately I don’t think the name is that important. Unless it’s called something so obnoxious or corny or bland that peoples eyes just pass over it, I’m sure it’s the content that people are coming for not the name.

I feel that the name is generic enough that it fits pretty much anything about gaming, and I can live with it. But of course, I haven’t been at this very long. So who knows, maybe I’ll absolutely hate this name one day. Thanks to Rowan for the challenge. Yum yum, free blog posts!

Blaugust: The Halfway Point


Today is August the 16th, which means we’re now about half way through the Blaugust blogging event. In case you haven’t heard, this event was created by Belghast over at Tales of the Aggronaut, and the challenge is to write 31 blog posts over the course of the month. I’ve been taking part in the event and have published a post every day so far. I’ve found the event really informative, and since we’ve reached the half way point, I thought I’d offer a few thoughts on how I’ve found it.

It’s worth pointing out that I only started this blog a few days before the Blaugust event began, so my perspectives may be a little different from people who have been blogging for much longer, and are perhaps experiencing a disruption in their usual blogging schedule more than my trial by fire perspective. I’ve really learnt a lot from the Blaugust event, but I think perhaps the main lesson I have learnt might have become apparent to me anyway in time. When I first began, I expected to do much more ‘big picture’ type posts after establishing a bit of a body of articles. However, I quickly realised that this wouldn’t be a very sustainable approach to blogging. If you write an article, even a multi part one, on your attitudes towards free to play games, you can’t really do that again for some time. This is just one example, but I’m sure you take my point.

So Blaugust has forced me to try some different kinds of posts. I wanted to write a bit about an investigation mission in The Secret World because I love them so much, so I thought I’d take some pictures and write about what happened in order to showcase what they are all about. I actually thought this would be a pretty quick post but when you take into account sorting screenshots into the right order, taking notes of what happened, and trying to make it sound a bit more interesting than “and then I did this and then I did that” (which I’m still not convinced I pulled off), it actually became immensely time consuming.

As well as offering a great opportunity to perhaps enhance the pace at which I have learnt some lessons, Blaugust has also helped me to appreciate the value in setting aside a fairly set period of my day to writing. Putting in place a schedule and a process for writing and posting, and even to some extent catching up on other blogs, is something I’m sure will put me in good stead for the future.

The final thing which I have really appreciated about Blaugust, is that it has helped me to find lots of other great blogs, new people to follow on Twitter, and even some new podcasts. It has also contributed to my blog getting seen by people who probably wouldn’t have seen it otherwise, which is really encouraging when you are first starting out.

So those are some of my thoughts on what Blaugust has meant for me so far. I talked a little about this on the latest Contains Moderate Peril podcast, so check it out if you’re interested. Thanks to Roger and Brian for having me on, I always have a great time.

Week One Complete: Victory Achieved


This is just a quick note to say that I’ve now completed my first week of blogging. I’ve had a great time, and am very much enjoying taking part in the Blaugust event (where you publish a blog every day in August). I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everybody in the MMO blogging community who have been so supportive and welcoming, everyone who added me to their blogroll, gave me retweets and sent followers my way, and especially to anybody reading or commenting on the site. You guys rock!

Lastly thanks to Belghast of Tales of the Aggronaut for running the Blaugust event, which is proving a great opportunity to feel part of the community, and read some great blogs too.