Blaugust Roundup and Podcast News

Well we finally got there. Blaugust is now officially over. It’s been a really interesting experience for me, and as a brand new blogger, something of a baptism of fire. I’ve reflected previously on how Blaugust perhaps forced me to confront some realities quicker than I otherwise might have done. For example, I wrote an article about free to play just the other day. Before I got started with this, I’d planned to write a lot more of that kind of post. However I quickly realised, that you simply can’t do that everyday. You need smaller posts to keep you going, not big state of the industry type posts

Formalising the process for writing has been really helpful for me too. Setting aside a regular period of time, putting in place a set pattern for how I go about writing an article, posting the links etc., has been greatly helped by regular posting too. Another thing that I’ve loved about Blaugust is that I’ve met a lot of new people. People who have been kind enough to come to the site and post comments, and chat with me on Twitter, not to mention that I’ve discovered so many awesome blogs. This has been the most positive aspect of the whole event from my point of view.

Once again I can only express my gratitude to Belghast for coming up with the event. It’s been very informative, and I’ve had a great time, even if it has been tough going on some daw. I realise I’m actually posting my Aug 31st article on Sep 1st but I was delayed last night, and had to give it up. I hope that’s ok!

Contains Moderate Peril Podcast

Unfortunately one of Contains Moderate Peril’s podcast hosts, Brian, is taking some time off with some health problems. Roger needed someone else to help out with the show in the meantime, and was kind enough to think of me. I’ve been on the show a few times before, and always have a great time so I was very happy to help out. The latest episode should be out today or in the next couple of days so check it out!


5 thoughts on “Blaugust Roundup and Podcast News

  1. Getting ready to listen now… hopefully you can fill those shoes… well actually he said he likes to sit in his chair naked with a solitary chihuahua on his lap, so I guess you have to fill that role instead 😀

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