Gaming Update

Well the bad news is things have been quiet around here for a few days while I had a few days off work for some much needed relaxation, but the good news is I played a crap ton of games in that time! So, here’s what I’ve been up to for the last few days.

The Walking Dead Season Two


I finally got around to completing the last two episodes of Telltale’s latest misery simulator, and I thought it was pretty good. It definitely lacked the freshness of the first game, which I went into with no expectations and fell in love with, but you can see the seams of the game whilst playing through the second season. You become more and more aware of how the game functions, and how relatively meaningless your choices actually are to the outcome of the story.

That said, I feel that Telltale offer you enough say in influencing the tone of what happens that I feel invested enough in the story to feel engaged. In fact, I’d forgotten how intense these games can be, I paused more than once to pore over a decision. That said, the pacing felt a little off all season, with a couple of episodes really failing to establish characters sufficiently enough for me to give a crap when they inevitably die, but I did enjoy the story. Overall I still recommend this game, even if you might get the most from the experience if you wait until all the episodes are released, as 2-3 months after a 2 hour episode, you tend to be a little fuzzy on details.

Gone Home


I picked this up in the latest Humble Indie Bundle and played it straight through in one sitting. It’s only about 3-4 hours long, but what a great little game. It tells a beautiful story with real charm, and does so in a setting thoroughly familiar in it’s domesticity.  Exploring the house is satisfying, and reading about all the intimate little details of peoples lives in order to form a picture of them, and track their separate stories, provides you with enough impetus to push on to the games conclusion.

Gone Home is one of those games that challenges the traditional meaning of the term video game, but what it offers is bringing something very unique and enjoyable to the medium. I enjoyed Dear Esther too, and what I’ve played of The Stanley Parable; there’s plenty of room for all these titles to coexist with more traditional shooty shooty video games, and I love the sheer proliferation of games that’s been happening since the explosion of the indie market.

Divinity: Original Sin


I continue to explore the town of Cyseal. The sheer density of this games content continues to surprise me. There’s so much to do just in this first town, and exploring all of its little secrets and meeting its more interesting personalities has kept me going for hours. I’ve still only explored a little of the sandy beaches and caverns surrounding the town, but that has provided plenty of extremely challenging combat encounters and some interesting side stories. I can’t wait to play this game co-op sometime.

Bordlerlands 2


For some reason I’ve never really played a long-term co-operative online game like Borderlands, or Left 4 Dead. I’d certainly like to play more of them, I just don’t have a lot of time to commit to long play sessions with these kind of titles, but I always enjoy them when I get that time.

My friend and I have been blasting through the opening areas of this title a few hours a week. It’s RPG mechanics and it’s sheer amount of content give it an almost MMO like feel in it’s longevity. It’s certainly a great game for loot lovers all over the land, because in this game expect to find a lot! The writing also keeps me chuckling along for the most part, and the intense combat encounters are engaging and challenging enough to make even short fights fun.

I kind of wish that the story was a little easier to follow as there’s a lot of NPC cross chatter, and when on voice comms with a friend it’s easy to miss big chunks of exposition central to understanding just what is actually going on. But, maybe it’s not all that important as most missions seem to amount to shooting stuff!


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