Gaming Update

I haven’t written much on what I’m currently playing, so I thought I’d give a weekly update on where I’m at with the various titles I’m plodding my way through.


The Secret World

I haven’t had anywhere near as much time to devote to this game as I would like. One thing I always say about The Secret World is that it’s the sort of game that demands long play sessions to really get the most out of, at least for me anyway. I find that the story sinks in a lot better if I can drink in the details, rather than if I’m just popping online for half an hour here and there.

I’m currently still making my way through Kingsmouth. There’s an awful lot of content crammed into this tiny map, and I’m having a good time with it. I still find the investigation missions to be the best part of the game, aside from its overwhelming sense of atmosphere. Some of the other missions are pretty prosaic, but you often end up doing a lot of things you’ve never done in an MMO before.


X-Com: Enemy Within

I absolutely love Maxim’s modern reimagining of this seminal 90s gaming classic. Who doesn’t enjoy equipping and controlling customised toy super soldiers right? The interplay between the turn based combat during missions, and base and troop tinkering in between operations has a wonderful synergy that drives the whole experience forward. It is the sort of game you can easily lose hours to without even checking the clock.

It’s one of those games that I’ve started many times but never finished. I’m now learning to just keep it on my hard drive for when the need for some turn based action takes me. At the moment I’m not very far into the game at all, and I’m pretty much just dipping in for a mission or two every now and again. Can’t wait until I get some mech troopers though.


Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2

At the moment I’m continuing to treat the first Dark Souls much like X-Com. It stays on my hard drive for when I feel like jumping in for a few hours. I’ve got pretty familiar with the game now, but there are always more mysteries to uncover, and I can take the story with some NPCs as well as the main storyline in different directions from my first playthrough. It’s one of the things I love about this game.

I’m also playing through Dark Souls 2 at a friends house. We’re doing co-op the old fashioned way, by passing a controller back and forth. We completed the first Dark Souls like this too and I found it to be a really nice way to play the game. If you get frustrated you can hand it off to someone else to have a go, which sometimes is all you need to prevent the experience driving you up the wall.

So that’s what I’ve been playing this week.


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