Exclusively Stupid


Today it was revealed that the latest Tomb Raider game, titled Rise of the Tomb Raider would be released exclusively for the Xbox. I for one have largely begun to consider exclusivity a relic of the past for the most part. These days we tend to see more time specific (if at all) exclusivity deals that only stipulate that exclusivity lasts a year, for example. So, I was quite surprised by the fact that this game is supposedly going to be genuinely exclusive. And to the Xbox…

I’m not an advocate of system exclusive game titles, and I can see no reason why anyone would be. They were sort of useful for playground pissing contests back in the 90s when exclusive really did mean exclusive, and the titles available for a system might very well sell it for some people. Now though, they just seem like the most horribly anti-consumer choice by publishers. Look, I’m sure that Square Enix got paid handsomely to sign up to this deal, but what is the purpose exactly? People who already own your console can already play it, and the chances of someone shelling out £300 in order to play one game are pretty unlikely. I would of thought that it would been in the interests of developers to appeal to the widest possible player base. It seems absurd that I can be over here waving money at a developer who can’t/won’t take it.

To be honest though, I kind of doubt this news somewhat. I imagine that we might get some sort of release of the game on PC in the end, perhaps as a game of the year edition or something similar. I mean, I certainly hope so anyway, given that the latest Tomb Raider reboot was pretty good from what I played of it. I guess we will have to wait and see just how concrete this deal is.


5 thoughts on “Exclusively Stupid

  1. I too view it as stupid. It’s what ruined the Fable trilogy for me. I really liked the first game, but since the second one released on only a non-PC platform I said screw it. The third game has versions all across the board but since I couldn’t play the second one I don’t see the point in trying it out because:

    a) I’d be missing story. I think.
    b) There are no guarantees that a game 4 won’t be exclusive to whatever because they’ve done it before.

    In short, the developers lost my trust.


  2. That’s annoying, but often they don’t remain exclusive, you just have to wait a little while. If a franchise is associated with a certain platform I think that’s ok, but when some are multiplatform and others aren’t it’s just off putting and confusing. Fable for example, keeping the second game exclusive but not the first and third, which may bug some people who want to experience the whole thing. Even Dead Rising with it’s first and third – I think – titles exclusive, but not the second. It annoys me with Tomb Raider though because I grew up with it on Playstation and have bought every game since out of some weird loyalty that I feel. Didn’t she use to be a Playstation mascot?


  3. Ironically enough I just realised that Bloodborne, a new game from the creators of Demon Souls and Dark Souls are making a PS4 exclusive game. That almost does make me want to buy a console, but I shall resist!. Swines!


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