Subscribing to The Secret World: Am I Insane?


I’ve mentioned a couple of times in the last week that I’ve just started playing The Secret World again, after a couple of short lived and unsuccessful attempts to get into it in the past. I’m still not very far at all in the game, and have only been messing about in Kingsmouth completing the opening missions. I’m very much taking my time and trying to drink in all the details which, to their credit, Funcom have made rewarding in itself.

Now, The Secret World currently operates under a buy to play model. In essence, you purchase the game outright and gain full access to all of the base game without any more purchases. However, Funcom release further updates for the game and its story called ‘issues’. These seem to be priced around the ten dollars mark, aside from one of the most recent issues which added in the Tokyo zone.


So, as there is a whole lot of content for me to get through before I reach the point where I have to consider purchasing theses issues, why have I chosen to subscribe, even when that subscription doesn’t actually provide you with those issues as part of the subscription? Well Funcom provides subscribers with a monthly stipend of ten dollars worth of its store currency, and a 10% discount too. This is enough currency to purchase one issue every month of your subscription. But, once again, I’m nowhere near the point of buying those issues, so why bother?

The truth is, I’m subscribing because I feel what I’m getting out of the game is worth some money to me. I want to see developers making interesting content be rewarded for doing so. Lord knows there is little enough of it around at the moment. Of course, my contribution isn’t likely to help Funcom very much, who certainly don’t look in the best of shape at the moment, but I still feel that they’ve made a unique and interesting title here and I feel I want to support them in that endeavour, whether I stick with the game long term or not.

So what about you, have you ever paid a developer just because you wanted to support what they were doing?


8 thoughts on “Subscribing to The Secret World: Am I Insane?

  1. I have often bought some of the developer Humble Bundles when it’s a studio I like. I know it’s at a reduced price but I tend to give them away to get more friend to enjoy the studios work.


  2. I still want to try TSW because it seems to at the very least have a different skin than the current crop of MMOs. I’ll get a box one day, but I have so many other games/MMOs to play at the moment I can’t find the time.1st world problems.


  3. That’s really nice. It’s good to support the developers, otherwise they couldn’t continue working on the games you like. I have donated to people before (not necessarily just to games) because I wanted to support what they do. I started Rift a few weeks back because it was a free game and I couldn’t apparently afford a new one, yet somehow I’ve ended up spending money through the game already. I think it’s only fair though for everything that I’d enjoyed for free up until that point.

    I’ve never gotten out of Kingsmouth either and keep stop starting in small bursts. I think the game is amazing. I love the progression system and quest structure, but for some reason it doesn’t grip me for long periods of time like other games do. I would love to get to another part of the game sometime though :).


  4. That’s been my problem with the game in the past too. In a way, I think paying the sub for at least a month is a way of really committing myself to giving it a fair hearing.


  5. I plunked down a lifetime for TSW back when it first launched because I was impressed by what I saw there and wanted to support the game. I don’t regret it, not even when it went B2P. I get all the episodes free, neat little monthly cosmetic perks, and have more than enough currency to pick up everything I want in the game when I come back to revisit it from time to time. I still haven’t finished Egypt yet, and have tons of content to look forward to.

    Some folks might think my investment was silly, but I hope that it did something to help the developers through the B2P transition. I never felt gypped out of anything because it wasn’t about what I got out of it (though I think I got a good deal) as much as what I could do to help the game. I also bought the game for my friends when it went B2P, and encourage other people who might be interested in playing it whenever I can.


    • That’s the spirit. Obviously I recognise Funcom are not a charity or anything, I just feel good development deserves to be rewarded. Lord knows, I’m pretty sure they need the help right now.


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