Week One Complete: Victory Achieved


This is just a quick note to say that I’ve now completed my first week of blogging. I’ve had a great time, and am very much enjoying taking part in the Blaugust event (where you publish a blog every day in August). I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everybody in the MMO blogging community who have been so supportive and welcoming, everyone who added me to their blogroll, gave me retweets and sent followers my way, and especially to anybody reading or commenting on the site. You guys rock!

Lastly thanks to Belghast of Tales of the Aggronaut for running the Blaugust event, which is proving a great opportunity to feel part of the community, and read some great blogs too.


6 thoughts on “Week One Complete: Victory Achieved

  1. Congratulations on your first week! And the gaming – blogging community is really something. I was welcomed with open arms and I love this community. I have found so many new friends through blogging who I talk to almost every day 🙂
    Good Luck with the rest of Blaugust.


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