Do You Suck at MMOs?

So, a few days ago Massively posted one of their Daily Grind articles, posing this very question. The first thing that came to mind for me was, what is good in MMOs today? I mean, is that elite level raiding? PvP? Economic PvP? I really don’t know.

Considering that the vast majority of people spend their time solo questing, how do you even define ‘good’ in that context? Does it mean being able to complete the content, mostly without dying? If so, then I’d say that’s trivially easy in most MMOs.

In truth, even most group content is fairly easy, mainly involving min/max cookie cutter builds, with the same set rotation pattern in the traditional tab-targeting MMOs. Even in something like Guild Wars 2 which has far more ‘active’ combat (which mostly revolves around dodge invulnerability) most of the difficulty in group content comes from what feels like awkward group fighting mechanics, resulting in an all round messy feel (maybe the trinity was important after all?), but maybe I’m just missing something fundamental.

These days it feels to me like most MMOs are afraid to be difficult, in the combat sense at least. They don’t want to exclude anybody from their games, least of all for something as trivial as challenging game play. Everybody gets a lollipop just for showing up a lot of the time.

In The Secret World, investigation missions can certainly be taxing. Requiring a lot of lateral thinking and problem solving (and the odd Google search when totally stuck). Eve is a very challenging game in terms of PvP, but again the PvE content is largely easy once you know what you are doing (although I only have experience of level 4 missions, and I know incursions are tricky).

So all in all, this Massively post made me question how we even define being a good player, when you can get by in most MMOs with a level of ability set around the competent level. What does good mean for you?


2 thoughts on “Do You Suck at MMOs?

  1. Hmm.. a good player, well, it would be easier to point out bad players for sure, or maybe they are just new ? A good player would probably be one that has played a few mmo’s and knows the basics. To be a good team player, having patience, being a nice person to hang out with is my definition of a good player. Also someone who can adapt quickly to new things I’d say.

    Does not matter if you have cleared the whole game, you might have been carried. You often see people with super gear, and still fail at basic things like moving away from some red things on the floor.
    In many games you can buy your way through content -.-

    Some games also requires tons and tons of commitment which will lead to the awesome stuff, that does not mean he is good, just means he has a lot of time on his hands. Yeah I’m rambling now.

    Good Question ^^,


  2. Exactly Missy. This is my point really. We can’t define bad because we can’t define good. I think what you are talking about are largely admirable human qualities, whether in a game environment or not.

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