Quote of the Day

“Dear Trion

I can’t ‘reserve’ a beta spot for ArcheAge.

I can buy a spot.

There is a difference, and pretending there isn’t doesn’t make your emails more appealing.”

Syncaine over at Hardcore Casual 24/7/14


2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Beta’s ain’t what they use to be. I was pestered by Trion to buy into the next ArcheAge beta on the 30th. But I held fast and got a free invite anyway.

    I would argued that paid Alpha access is potentially a good idea. It prevents testing tourism and really only attracts those who really want to participate in the fashion the developers require.

    Betas on the other hand tend to be more about marketing and promotion these days, so paying for access is not so reasonable.


    • Yes, I think that the distinction between paid alpha and paid beta is one that’s worth drawing. The arugment that you want a very dedicated group of players to be your initial testers is a good one, With beta these days however, it seems to be used primarily as part of the hype train leading up to launch day, and paying to be part of that, for a game that is going to be free to play when it launches anyway, seems a bit unreasonable.


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